What are rewards?

Rewards are the mechanism that will allow to the users increase their deposit APYs and decrease lending percents, by receiving additional tokens due to service interactions such as deposits and borrows.

How can I find a campaign with rewards?

Markets that are used rewards will be marked by a fire icon near by APY field. Under the APY value, you can find the set of assets which will be involved in deposits or borrows in the current market. The APY value is the sum of percent which consist of the base APY that the market provided to the user and APY’s of rewarded tokens. To receive more detailed information the user can get from a tooltip by hovering the cursor on the coin icon image

Account rewards

The user's rewards will be represented on the My Account page. In this section, the user can find the list which he gained due to the market interactions. Any reward will show more detailed information about the rewards tokens, amount, and vesting lockup time. After the reward will be unlocked, the claim button will become in active status.


Some of the rewards can have a vesting period - the period of time, at the end of which the user will be given the ability to claim all rewards amount.
In case when the user won’t wait, he has an option to make withdraw - the mechanism that allows getting rewards but has to pay a fee. The fee is not constant and could be different for each reward campaign.