Product achievements

OMOMO test-net functionality:
  • Lending/Borrowing MVP testnet
  • (in progress) Leverage trading with limit orders on top of concentrated liquidity Ref V2 testnet
Development is an ongoing process, MVP on NEAR main-net is planned for Q1 2023. The working MVP will include all basic operations for the limited number of markets, leverage trading with limit orders functionality and provide the liquidation mechanism with partly automated internal processes.

Timeline and plans

Q4 2021 Concept

  • Idea & the team
  • Winning NEAR Kyiv Hackathon

Q1-Q2 2022 MVP

  • Angel pre-seed investments
  • Lending/Borrowing functionality testnet release
  • Internal smart contracts audit

Q3-Q4 2022 Beta release

  • Open Beta release
  • Leveraged trading development
  • NEARCON hackathon winner
  • Limit orders on top of concentrated liquidity Ref V2
  • METABUILD Hackathon
  • Close strategic round
  • Smart contracts security audits

Q1-Q2 2023 Public Release

  • Money Market and Leveraged trading release
  • Token launch
  • Liquidity incentivization
  • Third-party services partnerships
  • Users onboarding

Q3-Q4 2023 Money market future

  • Perpetual futures trading / Derivatives
  • DeFi vaults and strategies
  • White label margin trading solution
  • EVM expansion
  • DAO launch