Welcome to the OMOMO guide documentation site.

What is OMOMO?

OMOMO is a money market protocol on the NEAR blockchain. Core features:
  • lending/borrowing pools,
  • leverage trading with covering positions from the borrowing pool.

Protocol benefits

  • Permissionless listing on the money market
  • All operations executed on-chain and managed by smart contracts
  • No fees on the DEX - (got it back as a liquidity provider)
  • No slippage while swapping on the DEX
  • DAO-governed asset tiers and protocol parameters

What makes OMOMO different?

OMOMO aims to bring several DeFi2.0 usecases into the existing NEAR ecosystem:
  • use all liquidity - no isolated pairs, the whole liquidity participates in the collaterisation
  • modularity - the protocol provides building blocks which can and should be included into DeFi strategies built upon opend markets
  • all liquidity should work - provide active management of the locked liquidity and leave the control for the user
  • support customization at the higher level - allow custom markets creation and custom interest rate models and allow users to utilize this functionality

Core contracts

The protocol has gone through several development iterations in order to correspond to the Near requirements for smart-contracts development. Thus, the architecture of the protocol now relies on the minimal number of independant contracts:
  • Controller as an entry point for the user and the central entity of the protocol
  • Market contracs which represent markets and provide the token ready to be included into DeFi strategies
  • Oracles connector
Last modified 5mo ago